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Oh Happy Day! We’re Excited to Introduce You to SheHeWe Photography

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jim and Idle are a husband and wife photography team that you cannot unmeet.  Full of personality, they are serious about taking killer photos and having fun.  Ask our blogger/editor, Laurie, who hired them for her wedding.  She raves about this force and will gladly tell you all about her photos and her experience with the duo.  Some years after her wedding, she and her hubby still hang out with the Jim and idle, having dinner dates and s'mores. 

That's Jim and Idle. They only shoot the weddings of couples they enjoy and can create a real relationship with.  For them, that's how the magic happens - a real connection between couples who genuinely like one another and will allow this photography duo into their intimate moments. When the day quickly goes from laughs to tears, from stress to joy, you will want someone with you who is more than just a "vendor."  

If you're a boring couple or one that just wants to hire a photographer, I'll tell you, don't even contact SheHeWe.  There are literally thousands of others to consider.  But, if you want really cool photos, created by a team that is excited about your day, willing to go above and beyond, take a few minutes to get to know SheHeWe via my interview below.

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe


Contact Info

Company Name: SheHeWe Photography
Main Contact: Jim and Ilde Cook
Phone Number: (615) 967-8709
Email Address:
Twitter: shehewetweet
Facebook fan page:


Interview with SheHeWe!

How many years have you been in business?

7 years - that's like 49 in dog years


Ain't that the truth!  How did you get started in weddings?

I (ilde) always said I would never shoot weddings. "It's sooo stressful," I said. A family I was photographing at the time asked me to document their wedding and after the third bite of cake and tearing up during the first dance- I was hooked. I asked Jim, not long after, to second shoot a wedding with me and he quickly realized he wanted to do this permanently also as a team. It was really good cake.

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe


Hahaha! I bet it was.  Wonder who the cake artist was!  What do you like most about weddings?

The drama. No I mean it, but I'm not talking about in the "diva" way. So much emotion is happening on a wedding day. There's the bridal party ready to celebrate, the parents conflicted by sadness and joy, the groom walks a fine line of nerves and anticipation, the bride has the jitters all the way to her toes but inside her heart is warm and excited and all of these mix together to make the day electric and beautiful. We love being a part of that magical storm and especially grateful to be in friendship with the two people who are responsible for all of it. We are kind of mushy like that.

What’s your favorite wedding pic/video and why?  

This is like asking someone what their favorite song is or if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one kind of food what would it be. The pictures change often but I recall one most recently. We shot a wedding and a bride had a first look with her adoptive father. As he turned, she embraced him in the most tender hug and as she did so, one solitary tear traced down the side of her face in sheer joy and gratitude for her dad. Jim snapped the moment and it is a stunning example of what is important about a wedding day.

Ok, what is your service philosophy?

Relationship first. No boring brides, second.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?  

I hope this doesn't come across as arrogant but we don't compare ourselves to other photographers. Our hope is that people will come to our website, see our work, learn a little bit about us and either run away screaming or throw their hands in the air and do a little dance because they found their people. The couples who hire us typically "get us" and we, them. I believe that is why we have so many deep relationships with our couples and why we can make such unique and beautiful photography with them.

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe


Who are your five favorite Nashville wedding vendors?

Only five? My goodness that is difficult. We have worked with some amazing talent over the years.
Our favorites: Sweetface Cakes,  Chefworks Catering, The Cupcake Collection, The Southern (can you tell we like food?) Also Rebel Hill Florist, Band 24/7, Amy Lynn Larwig hair and makeup, Avenue and War Memorial. I think we are past our limit (ha ha).  Nashville is an amazing place to get married largely due to the fact that we have so many gifted artists here.

All very good ones!  And yes, you obviously love food

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

cool wedding photographers nashville tn shehewe

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Discover Draping Designs: Completely Transform Your Wedding Venue with Drapes

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We met Janet, owner of Draping Designs, at a January bridal show and she's a hoot!  We were so happy she was our booth neighbor.  She offered to help drape our booth, added a little bling and we knew we'd be fast friends.

Her booth was very popular because brides loved her luxurious draping and the more we learned, the more we knew we wanted to share this wonderful find with you!

Draping Designs is a custom event draping company that has been in business for 13 years, and Janet has been involved in the event industry in Nashville for more than 16 years. With an art degree and a background in building props in the event business, Janet realized there was a lot that could be done with draping, and that fabric could drastically transform the look of a room. So she put her design and sewing abilities to use to create Draping Designs.

wedding draping nashville, draping designs, elliott events, visual elements

wedding draping nashville, draping designs, elliott events, visual elements

Using beautiful, high quality fabrics, Draping Designs can help you create a look to enhance your wedding day or special occasion in any event venue. They can transform any size tent into an outside oasis, and turn any ballroom, hall, or rustic venue for your wedding into a stunning, comfortable setting for you and your guests. I recently spoke to Janet about how Draping Designs can provide beautiful draping and lighting options for Nashville brides. Read below to see how you can use draping to help enhance your space and make the most of your budget.

What kinds of draping do you usually provide? What features do you usually try to hide?
There are so many reasons that draping helps in a room, mainly that it can make the venue more inviting and warm. It can give even the fanciest ballroom a crisper and more comfortable feel,  and it can make a barn feel like a rustic escape. We drape entire rooms, cover ceilings, create backdrops and ceremony surrounds, and can reduce the size of a room to accommodate a smaller gathering. Tent draping is probably one of the most transformative, as unattractive tent poles can be draped with soft fabrics to not only cover the metal pole, but to frame the area for your guests. Soft fabrics can be hung in the ceilings to soften edges, and the design can be simple or complex to cover an ugly ceiling completely. Draping is used to accent featured areas or cover up elements that are not so attractive. We have draped to cover some unusual things such as a broken down hot tub, and when we were done no one knew it was there!

wedding draping nashville, draping designs, elliott events, visual elements

wedding draping nashville, draping designs, elliott events, visual elements

wedding draping nashville, draping designs, elliott events, visual elements


What would the process look like for a typical bride that is working with you?
Most brides and grooms have an ideal wedding image in their heads. I like to present several options, starting with pricing every possible thing a bride may want, and then also pricing an option with less draping that may work better with a set budget. I help them create a plan that will work best in their selected room, and like to work with the draping that will create the most impact for the best price. Obtaining accurate measurements of the areas we are thinking about draping is our first step, as well as the venue set up and removal information. I ask a lot of questions so that I can create diagrams, fabric and measurement figures. I try to think of everything necessary to accomplish what the clients want in order to give them them most accurate estimated price. When a site visit is necessary, we can also do that.

What do brides usually request?
Many brides request ceiling draping, which can vary so much in price depending upon what we are dealing with. There are so many variables to ceiling draping, and many times it enhances the beauty of the venue. It is also cost effective when covering flaws, and many times there are other draping options that we can provide to give you a bigger, better look.

What price range do the majority of your weddings fall into, and what would that include?
Our base price for draping in town is $600, which would be a backdrop behind a head table, or a wall you want to cover or enhance. Out of town would start at $1,000 for similar draping. We do every size of event, but usually a range of $2,000-$5,000 would be an average, depending upon the venue or tent, as well as the wedding location and travel time. We can create a $1,000-$1,700 look for many venues, and also have done large entire rooms and very large tents for $6,000 and up. We also provide white string lights, and uplighting to help enhance the draping effects.

What kind of draping was provided in the photos shown of the Governors Club?
The Governors Club is a location that I have draped often. It has such pretty views and the frequently requested draping options that we do there involve enhancing the permanent tent on site and their gazebo. One of the most common is tent pole draping, which I am very familiar with at this location. There is a specific unattractive feature on the tent poles, so I always do double tent pole drapes to cover them for a single tent pole price, because it is just more attractive. We frequently provide white string lights for the tent,  and we do ceiling draping in several different styles. For the gazebo, we have two different styles we most commonly drape. One is a little simpler, like in the photo, and there is a way that we drape that is fuller and includes more drapes.

wedding draping nashville, draping designs, elliott events, visual elements


If you’re a bride looking at venue options in Nashville, you’ve probably seen several spaces that look great…except for the ugly air conditioning unit, or the run down stage at the end of the room. Luckily, there is hope if you would like to cover up unsightly features, or enhance a plain room.

To schedule a personalized appointment with Draping Designs to see how they can enhance your venue, please visit them online at, or contact them by phone at (615) 430-6577.

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Discover: Weddings at Houston Station, a Favorite Nashville Wedding Venue

Thursday, May 15, 2014

If you're an avid reader of our blog, I'm guessing you're familiar with Houston Station, after all - it is one of our favorite Nashville wedding venues. If you’re not familiar with them, here's why I love them for weddings: Even though Houston Station is off the beaten path, its downtown location makes it an easy drive from almost any part of greater Nashville. Plus, once you walk inside, you fall in love with the limitless options.

You definitely have to see the venue for yourself to rule it in or out, but here's my Q+A with Elizabeth of Houston Station, along with some great pictures to give you a peek into the amazing space. 

 houston station wedding downtown nashville wedding venue

Photo: Beautiful Day Photography

industrial wedding venue nashville, houston station

Photo: Beautiful Day Photography


Q+A with Houston Station

How many years have you been in business?

Events Nashville launched in 2008 and the Houston Station event venue opened in 2009.

What do you like most about weddings?

The chance to support each family on such a joyous day—seeing the mother of the bride relax and take her shoes off—You made it!


houston station wedding downtown nashville wedding venue

Photo: Beautiful Day Photography

houston station nashville

Photo: Streetlight Republic

urban industrial wedding venue, houston station, nashville

Photo: Q Avenue Photography


What is your service philosophy?

Houston Station is a tremendously flexible, historic space—each bride and groom have their own special and unique wedding and reception experience. Historic venue spaces, wide open vendor policies, and our capable Events Nashville professionals support every bride and groom on their big day.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category? Why should a bride hire you?

Events Nashville sponsors wide open vendor policies and freedom of choice. Not only is this liberating for the bride and groom, but huge savings are provided, especially for food and alcohol budget items, compared to most other venues. Besides a warm and authentic historic ambiance, Houston Station has a convenient in-town location, great load-in access for vendors, full service valet parking and ample professional support. And for hourly entertainment, we feature the train!


houston station wedding location nashville

Photo: Phindy Studios

urban industrial wedding venue, houston station, nashville

Photo: Beautiful Day Photography


Here's how to contact Houston Station / Events Nashville:

Main Contact: Elizabeth Gilbreath
Phone Number: (615) 289-7225
Email: elizabeth {at} eventsnashville {dot} net
Learn more via their website:
Become a Facebook Fan: Houston Station
Follow them on Twitter: @HStationEvents

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K&M Designs: Chic, Modern, Custom Invitations & Paper Goods that All Brides Can Afford!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

At a recent bridal show, we had the pleasure of being next to K&M’s display and were blown away with the quality and creativeness of all the available designs.

In business since 2005, K&M Paper Designs is a custom paper goods company here in the Nashville-area that specializes in stationary for all occasions. While its designs can be found at retailers across the country, Nashville brides have the added bonus of being able to meet with K&M Paper Designs in person and see these gorgeous invitations and other stationary items up close. 

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s great to use paper goods to express your unique style.  There are many choices of paper, ribbon, ink and typesets available when you go custom. K&M Paper Designs can help you bring together your paper wardrobe for wedding invitations, save the date cards, bridal shower invites, programs, menu cards, table numbers and more.

nashville custom wedding invitations, local, chic, modern, affordable, k&m designs

nashville custom wedding invitations, local, chic, modern, affordable, k&m designs

As a budget bride who DIY’d her invitations (with a ton of stress and more error than trial), I was so happy to talk with Cynthia, the owner of K&M Paper Designs, about the ways that working with her can ensure quality printing options for brides looking for chic, modern designs. As with any DIY project, when it comes to invitations you need to ask yourself whether you have: 1) the skill set and patience needed to complete the project; 2) the supplies you’ll need to create a quality product you’d be proud to send to your guests; 3) the time it will take to complete not just one, but potentially more than 100 of the same item. I’ve spent the day before several friends’ weddings helping with last minute programs or menu cards, which often didn’t end up being used because the quality of the printing was not great. Getting an invitation set at a craft store for $40 isn’t a deal if it takes at least twice as much product than a pro would use, hours of your valuable time, and causes you stress and frustration before your big day.

If you're unsure about your paper needs as you plan your wedding, or if you’ve been thinking about DIY-ing your invitations, I strongly encourage you to see what K&M Paper Designs has to offer. With truly custom options available for any price point, working with a professional like Cynthia is a great value, and an absolute time-saver! Check out my interview with K&M Paper Designs below to see how they can best serve you in this area.

nashville custom wedding invitations, local, chic, modern, affordable, k&m designs

nashville custom wedding invitations, local, chic, modern, affordable, k&m designs


What services do you provide for brides?

We pride ourselves on our customer service, quality and reputation.  We listen to what our brides like and guide them to something beautiful and unique that they will treasure forever, from the invitation to their wedding programs, save the dates to menu cards, and even a simple bar menu to be displayed at the cocktail bar. Tying these paper elements together with your theme or vision for your wedding can show your guests in advance whether your big day will be casual or elegant, and gives them a taste of what to expect.

What are the advantages of going with K&M Paper Designs vs. a DIY approach for paper goods? 

Quality is one of the most important elements when planning an event, whether it be a wedding or any other occasion.  An invitation sets the tone for the event, so you want it to exemplify that special event in every way. All of the elements that are involved in planning an event require money and you want your money to be well spent. 

DIY is nice because it gives you the opportunity to be creative and put together something that is uniquely yours. The pride of doing it yourself can be priceless.  However, DIY is also VERY stressful and labor intensive.  Many people will pick a certain quality of paper that may be beautiful but will not print properly on their home printer, which will either result in a disappointment for the final product and/or also end up costing double of what you anticipated because you need to purchase double the paper or move on to something different.

Time is also of the essence and putting invitations together, let alone wedding programs or menu cards, is VERY time consuming. We provide completed projects that are already assembled, saving you valuable time leading up to your wedding. Brides and event coordinators are so busy with the many things to do in preparing for this big event, and invitations or wedding programs can often end up being done at the last minute and taking much longer than anticipated. We love to meet with brides, hear what they are looking for and be able to create exactly what they would like from style to colors, paper and any other embellishments they have in mind. With truly custom designs, we excel at bringing a bride’s vision to life, and can work with a budget of any size to meet her needs.

nashville custom wedding invitations, local, chic, modern, affordable, k&m designs

nashville custom wedding invitations, local, chic, modern, affordable, k&m designs

What trends are you seeing for paper goods in 2014? 

This year, I am seeing brides request more casual invitations and electing to incorporate different fonts with monogram and designs all in one invitation.  This is very possible and we have done some lovely wedding invitations just like this. On the more elegant side of things, I am seeing fancy invitations with ribbon and lace detailing, that can be customized to the bride’s preference. For a wedding, it is important to remember that a wedding invitation is a once in a lifetime event, and many brides (and mothers!) would like to have an invitation that is timeless.

To see recent designs in person, contact Cynthia, owner of K&M Paper Designs at (615) 585-1556 or email

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Thinking about DIY’ing Your Wedding Flowers? Geny’s Wholesale Florist Can Help

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

D.I.Y. To some brides this is like a four letter word, but to others this acronym for “Do It Yourself” elicits great joy. If you are one of those brides that gets giddy at this word then be sure to read on about the pros (budget) and cons (time) of designing and assembling your very own wedding flowers. Even if you are not a person that enjoys the DIY process, there are definitely some great reasons to go this route for at least some of the arrangements for your wedding.

We reached out to Joan, of Geny’s Wholesale Florist, to learn about their DIY flower options and how to embark on this process for your wedding…

DIY wedding flowers nashville, genys flowers, import flowers lou,

For the bride who is interested in DIY’ing her flowers, what kind of service/help can she expect at Geny’s?

We offer brides the opportunity to schedule an appointment with our floral designer to help them figure out exactly what they want and need within the realm of their capabilities.  The fee is $75 for this consultation, but it is refunded against their flower purchase when they pick up their flowers.

Can a bride DIY her reception flowers but still order the bouquets and boutonnieres from Geny’s?

Absolutely.  When a bride meets with our floral designer, she can price out what it would cost for us to complete her personal flowers as well as her additional needs and the costs associated with those needs.

DIY wedding flowers nashville, genys flowers, import flowers lou,

Joan of Geny's Wholesale Florist surrounded by lovely flowers!


What can a bride purchase from Geny’s Wholesale Florist other than flowers to help her DIY?

We offer ALL supplies necessary for completing just about any kind of floral design.  Vases, ribbon, Oasis foam, etc.  We also offer space to work and cooler storage.

When do you suggest a bride should pick up her flowers if she is DIY’ing for her wedding?

Flowers should be picked up on the Thursday before the wedding.  That way, roses can be allowed to open, etc. and the bride can start on her items that will be in water of some sort on Thursday night.

Any other special tips for a bride that will be DIY’ing her flowers?

Most importantly is to keep things within the scope of your skill level.  Not all designs are as easy as they look.


DIY wedding flowers nashville, genys flowers, import flowers lou,


What should brides consider before they think about DIY’ing their flowers?

TIME.  You can’t work flowers too far in advance, especially in warmer months, so the bulk of what will need to be done will have to be done on Friday, when you are your most busy before your wedding.  Make sure you have plenty of help.  Transportation of completed items is also a consideration.

How do DIY flowers at Geny’s compare to other options?

At Geny’s you are assured that you will receive quality flowers and most importantly have access to professionals that actually DO flowers and know what they are talking about.  If you have never worked with a particular variety of flower you may not know how it behaves, how long it takes to open, what it is supposed to look like - its personality, so to speak.

Still have questions?  Give Geny's a call at (615) 297-5305 or stop by their Charlotte Avenue location to discuss DIY and full-service floral options for your wedding!

DIY wedding flowers nashville, genys flowers, import flowers lou,

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