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How to Determine Guest Capacity at a Nashville Wedding Venue

Friday, May 27, 2016

After working in the Nashville wedding industry, there is one concern I noticed that many brides have: guest capacity at their wedding venue. One question we all ask when touring a venue is, "How many guests does the room hold?" And whether the answer is 250 for a seated dinner or 350 for a cocktail-style wedding, brides tend to go with that number and form a guest count around it. It's important to note often times, these numbers are the maximum capacities for the room. For example, if you're expecting 250 guests in your 250 max-capacity wedding venue that includes a dance floor, a lounge seating area and a buffet table, chances are this may not be doable. There is so much more to consider in a guest count - it's not just a number. Here are a few tips and solutions to help your guests feel comfortable at your wedding:

1) Create your floor plan. Ask your venue manager what the dimensions of the room are and test it out in an online layout program like SocialTables. Or ask your planner, venue manager, or rental company to make a floor plan for you. This will help you immensely! Can't decide between round and rectangular tables? Try both out on a floor plan first to see what will work best for your guests in your event space.

Photo from Nashville Event Space

2) Get inspiration. Ask your venue manager for floor plans from weddings previously booked in the space. Someone else may have arranged the space in a cool and creative way that you aren't even thinking of! Or take a closer look at photos of the venue space - you may be able to do a quick table count and gauge how many people can fit comfortably in the room.

3) Overestimate your guest count. Have your heart set on a lounge seating space and a seated dinner? Then consider venues with a higher guest count than you plan to invite. The more space you have, the more fun you can have with your floor plan! If you aren't cutting it close to the capacity, then you have one less thing to worry about come wedding day.

Photo by Leslie Mitchell

4) Be open to change. What if you assume some guests won’t be able to attend your wedding, but then to your surprise all of your guests are RSVPing yes? Here's something to consider! If you have to add a few more tables that don't fit into the space, I know this sounds crazy, but try eliminating a few more tables. In place of these guest tables, add some highboy tables. It may not have been in your original plans, but this layout can work for a cocktail-style wedding and still fit everyone in the same room.

5) Think outside the box. Re: areas and stations! Give your guests fun and unique activities to do at your wedding. Hire a barista for a coffee station, rent a photo booth, create a DIY ice cream sundae bar... whatever is special to you as a couple, use the space to incorporate these things to make your wedding about you. :)

Houston Station Wedding Photo by Evin Photography

Comment below if you have any tips to add to the list!

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RED Spirits & Wine Delivers Alcohol Straight to Your Nashville Wedding

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Whether you’re having a full open bar or simply beer & wine, RED Spirits & Wine can help you out in the bar department for your Nashville wedding. Not only do they offer a wide variety of wine and spirits, but RED can make your wedding day a whole lot easier with delivery service. So while you’re getting your hair done and enjoying time with your bridesmaids before you get hitched, RED is already on site stocking your bar. Bam - that’s one less thing to check off of your to-do list.

Although RED’s event staff will help you estimate how much alcohol you need for the big day, there’s always a chance you’ll have some left over at the end of the night. The good news is that you can return unopened and unchilled bottles to RED. Or just throw an after party. Your choice. :)

Still looking for bar service at your wedding? Contact RED’s here

All photos from RED Spirits & Wine Instagram page.

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How Much Does a Nashville Bachelorette Party Cost? Save with Bach Weekend

Monday, May 23, 2016

On any given night in downtown Nashville, you’re bound to see a bachelorette party or two out on the town. Since Nashville is now a destination city for bachelorette parties, many bridesmaids are planning their fun-filled weekends around Music City attractions. Planning from afar (or even in your own city) can be complicated with differing bridal party opinions and taking everyone’s budget into consideration. According to recent statistics by Nashville bachelorette party planners, Bach Weekend, the average spend per person on a bachelorette party is almost $1000 - what?! Yes, that money adds up fast! But don’t be discouraged, Bach Weekend is here to the rescue!

What are the perks of hiring Bach Weekend to plan your bachelorette party besides the cost? Where do we begin?! Can you plan a weekend getaway with a private mansion party, VIP events and a private concert for under $400 per person? Yeah, I couldn’t pull that off either… but Bach Weekend can! And when I found this photo of a bachelorette party hanging out with contestants from The Bachelorette on their website, I completely fan-girled out! (Speaking of, who is watching the season premiere of The Bachelorette tonight?).

Bach Weekend is now booking for the following dates… so start your group text now to see which weekend works best for your bridal party:

2016 Nashville Fall Dates: Aug 26-28 & Sept 16-18
2017 Nashville Spring Dates: April 7-9 & May 5-7

Need more info? Contact Bach Weekend here!

Happy planning!

All photos from Bach Weekend Website & Facebook Page.

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Wedding Planning Advice from Pros:  “I Do” Doesn’t Have to Mean “I Do EVERYTHING!”

Thursday, March 31, 2016

As one of Nashville's premier wedding planners, Regalo Design knows the stress that planning a wedding can cause couples.  Their number one goal is to help couples plan the wedding of their dreams with minimal effort.  Think it's not possible?  It certainly is!  In fact, here are "5 Ways to Take the To Do Out of "I Do!" from the Regalo Design team.  It's a must-read for all of you that have taken on way too much and know it!

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Nashville Wedding Planner Launches Helpful Wedding Planning Video Series

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Karen Kaforey of Signature Events Nashville started a delightfully helpful wedding planning series where she shares her years of knowledge and interviews the best-in-class wedding pros around Nashville.  

She recently interviewed one of our favorite caterers, Jim of Chef's Market.  See the video below and be sure to visit the Signature Events YouTube channel for more wedding planning advice videos.


Here's another great video by Karen Kaforey on Selecting Your Wedding Rentals.  Very good information that will be useful as your plan your Nashville wedding.

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