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Forever After Goals - Where Will You Call Home After Your Honeymoon?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today's guest blog is presented by Laurie Capper.  She's a delight, and after serving as our intern and helping Nashville brides plan their dream wedding, she now helps them find their dream home as a realtor with Parkside Realty.

Weddings are a beautiful and joyous occasion, one that many of us dream about at a very young age.  But what happens after the fairy tale day?  Where will you and your new husband call home after the wedding festivities are over?

Where you will spend your Forever After is something to consider from the moment you announce your engagement.

Will you continue to live with parents so that you can save money?  Will you rent an apartment, townhouse, or home?  Will you purchase your first new home together?  Or do you already have existing property and are looking to consolidate two places into one?

All of these questions can be answered by evaluating your Forever After goals.  What are Forever After goals?  They're the BIG conversations that engaged couples use to evaluate whether or not they want the same things in life - for example: Do we want to have children?  If so, how many and how soon?  Do we want to stay in Middle Tennessee?  What area?  Do either of us have a profession that might require us to move?

After you've completed this evaluation and have a firm grasp on where you both want to call home, the next step is to take action!  If you are looking to rent a home, purchase a new home, or consolidate existing properties, you'll want someone to help you in this endeavor.  A realtor is educated and groomed to not only assist you in your search for a new home or your consolidation of existing properties, but also to represent you and your best interests during any real estate transaction.  A realtor will ask you about your Forever After goals because he or she will want to make sure that they are finding the BEST property to fit your new family's needs.

Once you've decided to contact a realtor, make sure to interview several.  You'll want to find the RIGHT person to represent you and help you achieve your Forever After goals.
Make sure to ask lots of questions and be prepared to answer a lot.  Planning your Forever After takes a lot of consideration and communication (just like planning your wedding!), and you'll want to make sure all parties involved (you, your husband, and your realtor) are on the same page.

Remember to take one step at a time and keep your end goal in focus.  Hunting for and deciding on the right place to call home can be a little overwhelming at times, but once you find that perfect fit - it's worth it.

When you’re ready to take the next step in achieving your Forever After goals and finding the right place to call home, call a realtor for help.  If you happen to be local to Nashville, I would love to get to know you, talk about your goals, and walk you through the process of home renting/buying or consolidation of your properties.

Laurie Capper - (615) 556-2345 or 

Photos: Parkside Realty

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Advice We Love:  Dressing Your Nashville Bridesmaids

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our Nashville wedding planner friends at Decadent Details recently shared advice on how to dress your bridesmaids.  It was simple but extremely helpful!  If you missed their tips, take a few moments to hop over to their blog and make sure you've thoroughly considered your best gals on your big day.  Here's the link to their feature on bridesmaids attire.

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Guest Nashville Wedding Expert: Hire a Seasoned DJ or DIY Your Reception Music?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Guest wedding expert: Nashville Party Authority has served Nashville weddings and events since 1987.  Owner Blair, today's guest wedding expert, has advice that will be very helpful as you plan your Nashville wedding.  To learn more about this seasoned wedding DJ, visit the Nashville Party Authority website.

First of all, allow me to express a moment of exaltation - IT’S ALMOST SPRING!  And gratification - Thank you, God.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the issue at hand: When considering whether to hire a professional DJ for your spring wedding, or to do it yourself, it’s important to keep in mind that one size does not fit all. Every wedding and reception is as unique as are the bride and groom involved.

While some couples will undoubtedly have success choosing their own music, securing the audio equipment, and expediting the soundtrack of their most important day, others will feel more confident having an expert in the field at the helm.  For those who are leaning toward the do-it-yourself approach, I respectfully ask you to consider the following:

Photos: Provided by Nashville Party Authority


What kind of atmosphere do you want to present at your reception?

By the time of the reception, the bride and groom have had their fair share of planning sessions, phone conferences, emails, invitations and ...whew!  The list goes on and on!  The last things they want to do are to manage a reception timeline and pore over hundreds of tunes.  Instead, they want to relax, interact with guests, and, most of all, HAVE FUN!  A true professional DJ will customize a wedding itinerary to your liking, facilitate the formalities (formal announcement of the couple, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, formal dances) field requests, and interact with guests and transition the atmosphere from formal to party with professional courtesy, expertise, and flare.  Sure it’s a juggling act, but to the consummate pro with well over fifty gigs under his belt, it’s a conscientious but happy walk in the park.

Is it important to you that your guests dance?

The do-it-yourself approach favors a more informal atmosphere featuring background music where dancing and entertainment are not top priorities.  While most people have their own personal and unique taste in music, only an experienced professional commands a vast knowledge of the many different genres and the know-how to incorporate them in such a way as to appeal to all the age groups attending (everyone from your friends, to your 75-year-old grandfather, to your teenage brother and sister) and, most importantly, use that expertise to motivate your guest to the dance floor and keep them there for the duration of the event.

Keep in mind that a seasoned, professionally trained wedding DJ embraces all aspects of his/her skill set such as visual presentation, state of the art sound, mastery of audio gear and mix techniques, and supreme people skills. You should also expect him to be a confident, proficient public speaker.

Photo: Joe Hendricks

Certainly your wedding day is your day, and the correct way of doing things is the way you want them done.  Remember, all disc jockeys are not equal.  Motivating people to dance, filling a dance floor, and sustaining it is an art that takes years of professional experience to master.

In any event, whether you hire a professional DJ, get a friend to do it, or do it yourself, you deserve the spring wedding and reception that you have envisioned.  We at the Nashville Party Authority wish you much happiness and success.  Congratulations!

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This Saturday: Join paperKuts studio for Bridal 101, an Informative Session on All Things Wedding

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Join paperKuts studio, LeeHenry Events, Opulent Couturier and ND Design + Illustration for a fun and informative session on all things wedding!  Invitations, planning, custom design and bridal styling are a few of the topics that will be covered by Nashville wedding and event professionals.

Saturday, January 16, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM 

paperKuts studo - 2545 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214 Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Register via this link today as space is limited

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The Ultimate List of Bridal Gown Boutiques in Nashville

Monday, December 28, 2015

Did you get engaged on Christmas?  We know what's on your mind: the dress!  Before you head out to start looking for your dream gown, you'll want this list of bridal gown boutiques around Nashville.  From luxury couture designers to budget finds, our ultimate list of bridal salons will jump-start your search.

Remember, most salons highly recommend that you make an appointment.  Have fun and enjoy your search!

1) The Bride Room

2209 Bandywood Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37215

2) b. Hughes Bridal

4231 Harding Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37205

3) The Dress Theory

1201 5th Avenue N Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37208

4) Fabulous Frocks of Nashville 

1000 Meridian Blvd, Ste 104, Franklin, Tennessee

5) Posh Bridal

209 10th Avenue South, Suite 231, Nashville, TN 37203

6) White Dresses

1206 4th Avenue N, Nashville, TN

7) LVD Bridal

438 Houston St., Nashville, TN

8) O Bridal Boutique

1321 Murfreesboro Pike St. 731, Nashville, TN 37217

9) Geny's Bridal

4407 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37209

10) Glitz Bridal

241 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37221

11) The White Room

1001 Murfreesboro Rd, Lebanon, TN 37087 and 517D Cason Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37128

12) Modern Trousseau Nashville

425 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219

13) David's Bridal - various locations around the Nashville area

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