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Oakwood Cleaners Shares Three Things To Do With Your Dress After Your Wedding

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whether your wedding dress continues to hang in a very visible spot in your home as a monument to your wedding day or it’s stashed in your closet taking up a lot of space, it’s likely you’ve wondered a time or two what you should do with your dress post-wedding.

Here’s the thing: You have options.  Here are three:

1) Preserve it.  If you want to keep your wedding dress as an heirloom or pass it down to your daughter one day, it’s best to give it a little TLC.  This means having it cleaned, pressed, and preserved by professionals who specialize in gown care, such as Oakwood Cleaners on White Bridge Road.

2) Sell it or gift it.  If you no longer want to keep your dress, there’s the option of giving it away to a friend or someone who needs a wedding dress, or selling it online.

Don't plan to hang on to your gown?  Click here to learn more about how to properly buy or sell a pre-owned wedding dress or check out or

3) Convert it.  For some brides, getting one wear out of their wedding dress is not enough.  If you’re that type, you can have your wedding dress cleaned and converted into an everyday wear piece, from a bustier to a tea-length, less formal dress, giving new life to the gown you love so much.

We heard the cutest story from Oakwood Cleaners.  A grandma opted to have her wedding gown cleaned and then converted it into small pieces to give as keepsakes to her children.  Love that!

What will you do with your wedding dress after your wedding?  We’re curious to hear!  Write your responses in the comment section below.

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Luxury Event Designer Debuts FLOURISH!, a Floral Design Class for Planners, Designers, Crafty Brides

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rhonda Patton, founder of Rhonda Patton Weddings & Events, is known for her innovative and modern floral and event design.  Starting out her career with a trendsetting, modern style, Rhonda has been designing wedding and events for nearly 15 years.  Her work has been published in numerous nationally known blogs and bridal magazines.

Rhonda Patton serves clients in Nashville and all over the country, designing their luxury weddings and social events.  Her sought-after aesthetic appeals to contemporary clients who seek clean lines, glamour, and elegance.  

If you've been a long-time fan like us, you'll be elated to know about FLOURISH!, a workshop designed by Rhonda Patton for up-and-coming designers, crafters, DIY brides, and anyone who wants to learn from the best.

The workshop is Sunday, April 26, from 3-5pm.  All of the class details are below.  Visit FLOURISH! on Eventbrite for details.

Learn how to make a wedding bouquet and buttonhole!

Rhonda Patton, facilitator of FLOURISH!, will give you a great foundation on the technical and mechanical tricks of modern nosegay bouquet and boutonnière design and repair.  You will make a modern nosegay bouquet as well as a boutonnière (buttonhole).  Rhonda will help give you the confidence to create your own bouquet and boutonnière. 

Anyone can attend!  This class is ideal for novice or experienced wedding planners, wedding designers, florists, DIY brides, crafters, etc.

Bouquets and Buttonholes 101 has no prerequisite courses or skills.  This is a beginner friendly course!  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions about taking this course!

Each attendee will receive a swag bag comprised of all materials needed to make the bouquet and buttonhole.

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Stressed Out Bride or Groom? Nashville Wedding Planner Shares Engagement Tips

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are there days when you are more bridezilla than glowing bride?  Be honest.  We've all been in your shoes and know that while being engaged and marrying the person of your dreams is euphoric, it's also VERY stressful.

A few weeks ago, we stumbled upon some great advice provided by Nashville wedding planning company Regalo Design.  They've helped hundreds of couples plan lavish events, and their planning tips are spot on.  

Take a few minutes to read their advice on de-stressing via this link, I Just Got Engaged!  I'm So Stressed!, and then go on a great date this weekend!

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To Preserve Your Gown or Not to Preserve? We Ask Nicole, A Nashville Bride

Monday, March 30, 2015

A bridal gown can last a lifetime, if you preserve it like Nashville bride Nicole did. As soon as she said goodbye to her guests, her bridesmaid sent her dress to Oakwood Cleaners.  It's evident that preserving her gown was important and during our interview with Nicole, we were curious as to why she invested in preservation and about her experience.

Here's what we learned...


Nicole & Robert
Wedding Date: August 30, 2014
Wedding & Reception Venue: Hermitage Hotel 



Tell me about your beautiful gown. 

My gown is a Maggie Sottero. I went to multiple places in town and out of state and could not find the dress. I knew I wanted something with lots of texture and big but could not find it! A co-worker told me about The White Room and we found the dress on the designer website. The White Room had the dress and I ran out to Lebanon to try it on. It was a tie between this dress and one that was very similar but a different shade of cream. Ultimately this dress was the one, I was able to customize the back from a corset closure to a zipper. It was also so soft and luscious that I felt I could keep it on forever.

A lot of brides take their dress home and hang it in the closet after their wedding.  What made you decide to take preserve your gown?

I knew that I immediately wanted it to go to cleaner (I had a bridesmaid pick it up from the venue and it to the cleaner the next day! lol). It was my dream dress and I wanted it to be preserved at some level. I did not want any spots to be left, and not be able to be taken care of because I waited until after my honeymoon to clean it. I felt that if you spend a fair amount on something it should be taken care of. No mater what that amount is. In the end it was only a couple hundred dollars between getting the dress cleaned or preserved. I felt spending that extra money for a lifetime guarantee of preservation was worth it.

Nicole's gown boxed and ready for preservation

Nicole's official preservation box


How did you find Oakwood Cleaners and which services did they provide?

I found Oakwood through a friend that used them for her dress. Oakwood cleaned and then preserved my dress. It took about 4 months but was totally worth it.

What do you plan to do with your gown? 

Are you preserving it to become an heirloom? I am keeping my dress safe and tucked away for the future. I would love to have a place to display it. My dream would be a giant shadow box. .... but most likely I will have it in case my future daughters or daughter in laws would like to wear it. Maybe I will use it if we ever re new our vows.... the perfect thing is, it is back to being a brand new dress and my options are limitless :)

What advice do you have for other brides regarding custom gown creation, cleaning, preservation?

I want future brides to know that if there are a few things they may want to tweak about a dress to make it "the one" ask! Sometimes they can be modified before they are sent to you, other times the seamstress on hand can make the changes for you. Also think about what you see for the future of your dress.... this can help you prepare for what you want to do to your dress. I feel my dress is a classic look and hopefully that is what someone I know in the future will want and they can use it as their own. Whatever you do, do something to it. treat it with care and love, you wore it during such a special time.

Wedding day photos: George Street Photography

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Nashville Bride Says, Hire a Videographer…“You Won’t Regret It…”

Thursday, March 26, 2015

No matter how many times Nashville couples mention they regret not hiring a videographer in our real wedding features, there are still couples who decide not to hire a videographer.   If budget is not your concern, stop thinking about it and book the best videographer you can.  If budget is your concern, we recommend cutting costs somewhere else, starting with your guest list.  (Trust us - that's the easiest way.)  Every couple deserves a video.  You may not think so now but after your wedding, you will regret not being able to re-live the biggest day of your life!

If you are still on the fence, we understand!  Spend some time watching wedding videos or reading reviews, like the ones below, from a Nashville bride and mother whose video was captured by Matt & crew at Audio Video Art.


Katie - Nashville Bride

"If you are looking for a wedding videographer you should definitely pick Audio Video Art!! Matt was always super nice and personable when we talked! I'm not exactly sure the name of the other man that was there on the day of my wedding, but both he and Matt were super nice!! They did a PERFECT job on filming and editing my wedding video! They used my music I had during my pre-ceremony has back drop music when appropriate! It was awesome! I had such a great time watching the video because I felt like I was at my wedding again! I think that having a videographer is so important to have on your wedding day! Having a video is even better than having the pictures!! Audio video art does such a wonderful job of filming the right way and editing to make it look wonderful! I got the Picasso package and it was wonderful! I loved having no time limit! Definitely book audio video art for your wedding! You won't regret it!!"



Debora - Nashville Mother of the Bride (Katie's mother)

These videographers are very professional. They use background music that fits in perfectly with the scenes of the wedding. Let them use their own touches. They know how to make one of the most beautiful, exquisite, videos that you will ever see!!!!!!!!

Watching my daughter's video makes US ALL FEEL that we are experiencing her wedding day all over again---It helps us ALL to remember how beautiful Katie looked, and how handsome her husband Jon was....AND THE LOVE WE ALL SHARED THAT DAY....And how sweet her grandparents were. My dad (her grandfather) walked her down the aisle, and it was a dream come true for her!!!

My daughter and her husband were absolutely thrilled and delighted with this very special video of their very special day!!!! And so were the rest of our family. We are SO VERY THANKFUL that we chose Audio Video Art to capture their special day for all time!!! We will always treasure it, and Katie & Jon's perfect wedding day!!! :-)


Matt is the owner of Audio Video Art.  His team has produced hundreds of wedding videos for couples all over Nashville and surrounding regions.  If you have questions about wedding videography, he's the guy to contact.  He can be reached at 615-783-1536.

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