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Beauty + Brides: Nashville’s Katie Russo Tackles Veil? Accessory? or Both?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The team at Katie Russo beauty gives the best advice when it comes to Nashville bridal beauty!  No question seems too big or too small when it comes to getting the perfect look for your wedding day.  They have the experience to make sure you're look is perfect!

Here's their recent advice on Veil? Accessory? or Both? We think you'll find it very helpful.

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Long Distance Groomsmen?  Destination Nashville Wedding?  Street Tuxedo Can Help!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An out of town groom or groomsman is not as rare as you may think, which means you aren’t the first to battle the issues of a long distance wedding party.  Who do you trust to help your out-of-town groomsmen get their measurements and attire?  How do you ensure your groom, who may not be located here in Nashville, has no worries when it comes to his tux?

That's where Nashville-based Street Tuxedo can help.  They can't promise a rain-free wedding day, but after serving over 500 hundred Nashville couples each year, they can make sure your men's attire comes together effortlessly.  

Simply take them your concerns - from a large bridal party all over the country to grooms in California - they've handled it all.  In fact, here's how they address three common misconceptions that couples usually have when it comes to choosing a company to handle their tuxedos....

Men's attire by Street Tuxedo; Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Myth 1: If I go to a chain store, they’ll have everything I need in stock.

Not necessarily.  The bad thing about going with a big chain store is that if something goes wrong, their warehouse is far away.  This means that if something’s wrong with your tux, it may take days to get it shipped to you.  (Psst… Street Tuxedo’s warehouse is located in Berry Hill, just a few miles away from downtown Nashville.)

Plus, chain stores do not keep a large inventory in each store, which means that if you just need to change something out, you could be facing a long wait-time and some hefty shipping fees.  In contrast, Street Tuxedo owns all of their inventory, and it is all housed in their Nashville warehouse, so change-outs and last-minute rentals are quick and easy!

Street Tuxedo's Cool Springs location, shared with The Spoiled Lady; Photos by Visions by Valeisha

Street Tuxedo's Murfreesboro location is one of four stores in the Metro Nashville area.

Street Tuxedo recently added a mobile location to serve couples all over the city.

Myth 2: If something gets messed up, alterations will take days.

Not true at all.  Street Tuxedo is able to alter their tuxes and suits on-site at each store.  If something is very wrong, they can always get it changed out at the Nashville warehouse.

Myth 3: We don’t live in Nashville.  We’re only coming there for our destination wedding.  Therefore, I can't rent from Street Tuxedo.

We’re not shy about our love for Street Tuxedo; they’re a favorite resource for Nashville weddings.  Their top-notch service and countrywide connections make it easy for them to accommodate couples traveling to Nashville for a destination wedding.  As we mentioned above, Street Tuxedo partners with dozens of independent formalwear shops across the nation.  They call it their National Fit Network, where you can get measured in a local tuxedo shop free of charge, and then all you have to do is give Street Tuxedo a call with the measurements and they will walk you through the reservation process.  Pick up your tux when you get in town for the big day, and you're good to go!


Street Tuxedo is locally owned and family operated.  They know Nashville and lead its event fashion.  They also serve nearly 500 Nashville weddings per year.

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Do You Need a Planner if the Venue Has a Coordinator?  Yes, and Here’s Why…

Monday, December 14, 2015

When I got married, I hired a day-of-coordinator at the last minute after I realized that my event coordinator SUCKED!  She lost my wedding file the night of my rehearsal and hours of conversation and her meticulous notes went immediately down the drain.  She stressed me out more than any single vendor or aspect of my wedding.  So, as your been-there-done-that girl, I cant stress enough how important it is for you to understand the difference between YOUR planner and the VENUE's coordinator.

Today's expert advice is provided by Sarah Willard, owner of Music City Events.  Sarah is a respected planner in the Nashville wedding community and offers full service wedding planning for engaged couples. She's always willing to answer my questions and help brides make better decisions.  

All photos are of wedding planner Sarah, in action, helping her Nashville-area brides.


I have been hearing a lot of comments recently about the differences and similarities between event planners and venue coordinators.  I am also noticing more and more that many brides feel as though the sales managers/coordinators at their venue will suffice when it comes to planning their dream wedding.

As an event planner with a decade of experience in Nashville, I can tell you many differences between the two.  My company also manages a venue in Nashville, so we have a unique perspective because we do both!

There is a very distinct difference between the two, and the scope of work is extremely different.  They each play a significant role in the execution of a reception but in very different ways.

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Venue coordinators/catering sales managers (in most cases) are primarily responsible for:

  • Getting you booked and on their calendar.
  • Selling the venue features and services.
  • Passing out tasks to venue or banquet staff.
  • Overseeing the vendor load in and load out and/or food set up and breakdown.

They know their space very well.  Most venue coordinators and sales managers are certainly there to help, but remember, at the end of the day, they are working for the venue, and it is quite possible that they have more than one event going on at once.  They do not handle any matters with vendors outside their venue or accompany or assist you in design sessions with your florist, lighting and linens, bakery, etc.

On the other hand…
An event or wedding planner is responsible for you, your guests, and YOUR wedding/event.
An event planner is:

  • Working with you from the day you book their services (depending on the package selected) until the end of your wedding reception.
  • Providing and assisting you in the selection of vendors they have worked with in the past.  These trusted vendors are able to perform the requested services.  The planner typically accompanies you to vendor meetings and assists in overall design of the day.
  • Creating detailed timelines and letters to vendors to make sure they are all on the same page prior to your big day.
  • Coordinating your rehearsal, ceremony, and entire wedding day.
  • Making sure that all ceremony items are in place, such as programs, aisle runners, candles, etc.
  • Setting up all extra decor and accent items such as favors, place cards, and tips, as well as collecting gifts.
  • Reviewing all vendor contracts.
  • Allowing you to truly be a guest at your own event- no questions asked.
  • ….and the list goes ON.

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nashville wedding planner working, helpful nashville wedding planner, youthful, young wedding planner nashville, cool wedding planner nashville

Not all venue coordinators or planners are created equally, so just use your best judgment.  Make sure that your decision is an informed decision.  Know the difference between a venue coordinator and an event planner.  The event planner is hired to work for YOU.  A venue coordinator works for the venue.

There are wonderful venue coordinators and sales managers out there.  Most of them love their jobs and really want the best for you.  It always best to know what you are signing up for exactly.  A venue coordinator and event planner are both very important to have, as they both have specific ways to ensure you have a beautiful and stress-free wedding!  So, before you decide you don’t need a planner, do your research.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!


Sarah, owner and lead planner, Music City Events

This article originally appeared in June 2013.  Sarah's advice was so helpful that we wanted to be sure all of you newly engaged girls received it, too.

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GreenFinch Floral Design Shares 3 Great Ways to Incorporate What You Love in Your Wedding Design

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We've known Denise of GreenFinch Floral Design since before her floral design company was officially born.  We knew way back then that her work was spectacular and that Nashville brides would appreciate not only her passion for natural florals, but her heart for giving brides a wonderful experience.  And they have!  She's such an incredible soul; she brings her love for flowers, design, and people to each wedding she designs.

It's no wonder that she encourages her engaged couples to do the same: start with what you love and design your wedding around your favorite things.  Forget trends.  When it comes to designing your wedding, start with what's authentic and timeless.  How does Denise's approach work? Here are three ways that she works with her clients to incorporate their favorites into their wedding design:

1) Mix in Favorite Things from Home

Instead of scouring Pinterest for ideas, turn to your home.  Add personal elements such as books, globes, or other items that represent you as a couple.

Books and vases can be used for your wedding decor.

2) Incorporate Your Favorite Flower in Wedding Design

Loving succulents (like the rest of us)? Build your wedding around your favorite flower as Denise did for the bride's photo featured below.  The flowers can then be used throughout the wedding ... bouquet, boutonnieres, cake, etc.

Succulents as used in bouquets...

...then as cake décor.


Denise worked with another couple to create centerpieces using potted flowers that served as table décor.  They were then given as take-aways from the wedding.

Use your favorite flowers as potted decor, then as gifts to your guests.


3) Create a Signature Ceremony Piece, Reuse at Reception

You spend so much time swooning over THE must-have statement piece - whether it be a gobo or a floral arrangement.  You know it will be an instant favorite memory from your day.  Consider repurposing even your favorite wedding things, not just after your wedding, but also at your reception.  Start using your key pieces throughout the event.

Take the below arch design.  Denise and crew took it down after the ceremony and repurposed it as a floral chandelier over the dance floor by hanging it upside down and adding glass bubbles with candles. 



Per GreenFinch Floral's owner, Denise, "I would say my overall theme ... is [keeping your wedding] personal and using [an elements that] can be clever in its reuse as either a second design or as memory after the wedding.  I love flowers and plants, and when a design can be created to extend their use as well as help foster a memory or touch on something personal for the couple, it is a wonderful thing.  I feel like in a small way, I can help foster and pass on the love I have for the beauty of nature and design."  We agree!

Love what you see?  Admire Denise's approach to natural, personal wedding design?  Contact Denise at 615-268-1581 or by visiting her website at


Photos above by: Abigail BoboLaura K. AllenVeleisha Pedigo and Kyle Gregory

Wedding Planners: Modern Vintage Events

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Selling Your Wedding Gown? Quick Tips To Help You Clean It & Sell It Like a Pro

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thinking of reselling your wedding gown?  You're not alone.  Hundreds of brides resell their wedding dress every year.  It might be an option for you too.

We reached out to Rhonda, owner of of Oakwood Cleaners, for insight on wedding gown resell and their new cleaning certification.  As Nashville's only certified wedding gown specialist, Rhonda has tips to help you get smart and sell your dress like a pro.    

Here's what we learned...

What are reasons a bride might consider selling her wedding dress?

If you don’t think you will pass it down to another generation, then you should.  Some brides purchase a more expensive wedding dress knowing that they are going to resell it.  Doing this makes it much more affordable.  Sometimes brides buy a gown too early and change their mind, so they want to sell the first gown in order to obtain the gown they really want.

If your budget requires that you recoup some of your wedding expenses or if you do not have an attachment to the gown, then resell is the right choice.  A lot of brides would also like to see someone else get to wear the dress, since they might not have been able to afford it otherwise.  Sort of a pay-it-forward.

Does the dress need to be cleaned before resell?

We strongly suggest that the gown is cleaned before reselling.  You will get more return on your investment.  As a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, we have just instituted a “Cleaning Certificate” that will state the condition of the gown after cleaning.  It will have the bride's name, date it was cleaned, special notes, and where it was cleaned.  This certificate can go with the gown at the time of sale.

What's the process for the resell of wedding gowns?

We do not handle any resell of gowns.  There are resell shops here in Nashville and online.  We are partnered with and recommend them as a great place to sell your dress.

Fabulous Frocks (whose gowns are pictured above) is a pre-owned gown boutique based in Nashville.  They can help you sell your pre-owned gowns as can Second Time Around, another local option for the Nashville bride.


Quick Tips:

1) If you are selling online: Contact Oakwood Cleaners to have your gown certified before attempting to sell it.  This will help others understand the condition of your gown before they purchase and could help it sell faster. Give them a call at one of their many Nashville-area locations.

2) If you opt to sell to a local bride, Nashville has at least 2 options: Fabulous Frocks and Second Time Around.  

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