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Nashville Bride Says, Hire a Videographer…“You Won’t Regret It…”

Thursday, March 26, 2015

No matter how many times Nashville couples mention they regret not hiring a videographer in our real wedding features, there are still couples who decide not to hire a videographer.   If budget is not your concern, stop thinking about it and book the best videographer you can.  If budget is your concern, we recommend cutting costs somewhere else, starting with your guest list.  (Trust us - that's the easiest way.)  Every couple deserves a video.  You may not think so now but after your wedding, you will regret not being able to re-live the biggest day of your life!

If you are still on the fence, we understand!  Spend some time watching wedding videos or reading reviews, like the ones below, from a Nashville bride and mother whose video was captured by Matt & crew at Audio Video Art.


Katie - Nashville Bride

"If you are looking for a wedding videographer you should definitely pick Audio Video Art!! Matt was always super nice and personable when we talked! I'm not exactly sure the name of the other man that was there on the day of my wedding, but both he and Matt were super nice!! They did a PERFECT job on filming and editing my wedding video! They used my music I had during my pre-ceremony has back drop music when appropriate! It was awesome! I had such a great time watching the video because I felt like I was at my wedding again! I think that having a videographer is so important to have on your wedding day! Having a video is even better than having the pictures!! Audio video art does such a wonderful job of filming the right way and editing to make it look wonderful! I got the Picasso package and it was wonderful! I loved having no time limit! Definitely book audio video art for your wedding! You won't regret it!!"



Debora - Nashville Mother of the Bride (Katie's mother)

These videographers are very professional. They use background music that fits in perfectly with the scenes of the wedding. Let them use their own touches. They know how to make one of the most beautiful, exquisite, videos that you will ever see!!!!!!!!

Watching my daughter's video makes US ALL FEEL that we are experiencing her wedding day all over again---It helps us ALL to remember how beautiful Katie looked, and how handsome her husband Jon was....AND THE LOVE WE ALL SHARED THAT DAY....And how sweet her grandparents were. My dad (her grandfather) walked her down the aisle, and it was a dream come true for her!!!

My daughter and her husband were absolutely thrilled and delighted with this very special video of their very special day!!!! And so were the rest of our family. We are SO VERY THANKFUL that we chose Audio Video Art to capture their special day for all time!!! We will always treasure it, and Katie & Jon's perfect wedding day!!! :-)


Matt is the owner of Audio Video Art.  His team has produced hundreds of wedding videos for couples all over Nashville and surrounding regions.  If you have questions about wedding videography, he's the guy to contact.  He can be reached at 615-783-1536.

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Bride2Bride - How I’m Using Technology For My Wedding - Hashtags, Group Me, & More!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here's my personal experience using technology with my big day!

Group Me - As soon as my friends said "Yes!" to my bridal party proposal they were given their first task:  to download the Group Me (a group text messaging app) app on each of their smart phones. My maid of honor took on this task, named our group, added members, and even made the group's avatar a cute photo of my groom and I. The app allows me to send a message just once reaching each bridal party member.

Throw in emoticons, pictures, and videos, talk about efficient and fun!!! They've even given me opinions on bouquet ideas, my venue selection, and we planned a bridal show day all by using Group Me. The main reason I need Group Me is that several of my bridal party members are out of town and unable to be here with me as I plan. I highly recommend this app for planning brides because it truly allows for all of your bridal party to be with you along the planning journey!

Hashtags - Want an easy and free way to view a gallery of all of the pictures that you and your guests snapped all wedding day long? Create and share a fun, memorable hashtag and use it endlessly. With social media and camera phones you know you will thank yourself later when you have a vast collection of wedding photos. So get your thinking cap on and start coming up with creative and fun wedding day hashtags!

We're still trying to decide ours.  Maybe our Ashley's Bride Guide readers can help me choose one? Here are our running ideas. (We welcome any clever ideas!):




Me and my bridal party


Even thought we're still deciding, here are some tips as you create yours...

1.) Think of something catchy and easy to remember, so your guests don't misspell it and can recall it through-out your big day.
2.) Think of his last name and/or your last name. Then, see if you can combine any of those to rhyme with wedding day sayings like these:

  • Jump the broom
  • Tie the Knot
  • Big Day
  • Bride, Groom
  • Altar, Chapel (heading to the altar, going to the chapel)
  • I do, We said yes
  • Union, Nuptials, Wedding

Now, throw in your year or wedding date at the end in case anyone else shares the same hashtag on social media.

3.) Do NOT use any punctuation marks in between or spacing as this will not become a hashtag. 

Now, use your Group Me app to ask your bridal party what they think of your wedding hashtag ideas!

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Oakwood Cleaners Guarantees Excellent Care Of Your Bridal Gown After Your Wedding

Monday, February 16, 2015

Most brides spend much of their time thinking about their wedding dresses before the wedding, but not what happens to it after. For those who do put some thought into the care of their gowns post-wedding usually opt to take dresses to their local dry cleaners.

But did you know that all dress cleaners are not created equal? While some garment cleaning services promise to clean and store wedding dresses properly, many of them don’t take the time to do so thoroughly. Imagine the surprise on a bride’s face when she takes a peek at her dress three years from now and finds it yellowed and dull due to stains and improper storage!

Photo: Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Nashville’s Oakwood Cleaners gives brides its guarantee that once dresses are cleaned, restored and preserved by them, they’ll still be in great condition years down the road. As a certified wedding gown specialist endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants, Oakwood’s claim to fame is its hand cleaning, anti-sugar stain treatment along with its use of acid-free tissue and archival-quality wedding chest storage.

Ready for even better news? After your dress is cleaned and preserved at Oakwood, you’ll receive a written international guarantee that your gown will never be any color but white once you open the box again. And when your daughter is ready to wear, you both can take it to any participating certified wedding gown specialist who will and press your dress free of charge.

To learn more, visit Oakwood Cleaners in person at their Nashville, Hermitage and Franklin/Cool Springs locations or visit

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Wedding Series From Regalo Design Enlightened This Newly Engaged Bride! Here’s What I Learned…

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Regalo Design, a full-service wedding planning company, launched a video series free of charge to help planning brides like myself. For someone on a budget this video series is a life saver! It is divided into 4 themes. They are: the when and where, the who (vendors),  "The Wedding Planner's Secret," and the surprise ending "Project Wed."

By offering stories, Sarah Goude owner of Regalo Design,  highlights importance lessons. For example, in deciding the when & where she tells the story of a rainy day and how that should be considered when comparing indoor versus outdoor venues and/or seasons. I learned to evaluate whether a venue offers an all inclusive package or allows outside vendors and the pros and cons of these options. Basically, what does your venue offer?

The next video covered the who, as in what to know about selecting vendors. Sarah's best advice is to choose your "supporting actors" (vendors) based on professional history, referrals, and reviews. As she emphasizes, "choose wisely" when it comes to vendors as they influence greatly how your day goes from photographers arriving on time to DJ's playing the right music. In video three, Regalo Design reveals the secret! She shares the value of creating a written plan! This truly helped me understand how much fun my day can be, if I have the help and organization I need. She urges type A personalities like me to delegate and to write it ALL down!

The most exciting part of the series is the huge gift at the end. Regalo Designs is offering a wedding planning academy called Project Wed! In this academy we, planning brides, can learn how to develop a timeline, budget, guest list, vendors list, decor and ceremony options. This course will also offer exclusive vendor deals!

The Regalo Designs video series has truly been the glowing diamond ring I couldn't take my eyes off of as a newly engaged bride! I feel I have gained clarity and more knowledge by listening to an experienced planner like Sarah Goude. Her excitement and calm presentation have boosted my wedding planning confidence and have supported my desire to hire a planner if not for the entity of the planning, at least for the month or day of! This future bride feels a lot wiser, eager, and prepared to plan her special day!

You can learn more about Project Wed here.

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What Planners Are Loving for Nashville Weddings: Gregory Byerline, a Bridal Portrait Specialist

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ever so often, we get a chance to sit down with experienced Nashville wedding planners who are willing to give us a peek into the latest in wedding trends and finds.  This time, I was able to steal a few minutes from Toni Smith, owner and lead planner for Celebrations By Design.  I asked one question:  What are you loving that Nashville brides might also?  Her answer this time: high fashion bridal portraits by Gregory Byerline Photographer.

wedding planner, nashville, african american, quality events

- Toni of Celebrations by Design, an event planning boutique -


I've known Gregory for years as a killer wedding photographer. (I know Gregory won't mind me bragging on him for just a bit.) What I didn't know was that he loves to capture beautiful brides and their gorgeous gowns and turning that once-in-a-lifetime bridal moment into art.  Toni says, "With his fashion focused eye, he takes bridals to another level.  He thinks outside the box and adds a modern twist to a traditional concept.  He has a keen abilty to get the shot and he works so well with brides.  He loves bridals and it shows."

Gregory Byerline is the bridal portrait specialist for the cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and decadent Nashville brides.  And with one look at portraits below, you can see why Gregory Byerline is on Toni's list of favorites.

Gown: Olia Zavozina Couture Designs

Gown: The Dress Theory

Gown: Maggie Sottero

Gown: Betsy Johnson

That's super cool Gregory!


Want a wedding planner who is as good at planning your day as she is at keeping a pulse on what's hot? Contact Toni of Celebrations by Design.  For a fashion-focused photographer for your bridal portraits, contact Gregory Byerline.

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