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Right Here in Nashville! My Lady Dye Offers Embellished Invitations for All Your Wedding Needs

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some brides want classic.  Others prefer modern.  Others crave something very different that stands out.  If you are a bride that has searched but has not found your desired invitation style, it's quite possible that My Lady Dye is for you!  

wedding invitation suite, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Based on the intricate design embellishments, the site's intuitive layout and the myriad of inventory and color options, you'd think that My Lady Dye was a large corporation with a staff of brides informing everything, from fonts to colors. Not so.  Owner Diane is based right here in Nashville and just happens to have an eye for luxury-looking invitations.

This local Nashville graphic designer's handcrafted invitations appeal to Nashville brides and those all over the world.  Here are a few features that I absolutely love about My Lady Dye:

wedding invitation suite, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

wedding invitation suite, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

wedding invitation suite, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye


Ready-to-order Collection and Custom invitation Designs

My Lady Dye's website offers 24 collections of pre-made invitations. Simply find the invitation design that you like and start customizing the look with the colors of your choice.  You then have a host of optional add ons, including matching save-the-date, direction, response, map cards, program, place card and thank you note.

If the ready to order collection is fitting, you can work with Diane on a completely custom design.


bridal shower invitations, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Bridal shower invitations

elopement invitation, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Elopement announcements

fan program, unique, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Wedding reception program fans


Beyond the Reception Invites

My Lady Dye can also design just about any other paper good for your bridal celebration.  Addditional bridal invitations include: Bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, engagement parties, bachelorette/bachelor party and elopement announcements.

My Lady Dye From also offers fun reception details that can complement your wedding invitation theme.  Cupcake toppers, flag straws, water bottle labels andfavor tags are readily available but with My Lady Dye, the sky is truly the limit.  And, Diane also offers additional services, such as invitation addressing.


rehearsal dinner invitation, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Rehearsal dinner invitations

save the date invitation, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Save the dates

wedding invitation suite, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Wedding reception paper details


wedding invitation suite, local nashville graphic designer, my lady dye

Dozens of ink colors as well as several envelope options

address addressing service nashville local

Addressing service


When you really want something bold, contact My Lady Dye and find the perfect design for your wedding paper.

My Lady Dye
Voice: (615) 541-9174
Location: Franklin, TN

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Say I Do to Wedding Insurance - Why You Should Consider It For Your Wedding

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At our Smart Bride Boot Camp last winter brides wanted our thoughts on wedding insurance.  Sarah Goude of Regalo Design shared with us a situation she encountered where the newly finished floors at a venue were damaged. With a repair bill in the tens of thousands of dollars, this couple was lucky to have had limited liability, escaping a major cost!

smart bride workshop

Photo: The Smart Bride workshop; The Collection


For many people, a wedding can be one of the single most expensive days in their lives. Just as you would have insurance for your other major assets, like your home or vehicles, having insurance for your wedding is something to consider. While we all wish for a perfect wedding day that goes on without a hitch, behind the scenes there is always a Plan B - just in case. Think of wedding insurance as a Plan C, to ensure that your financial risk is limited in an emergency situation, such as a fire, vendor bankruptcy or major injury. With multiple vendors, furnishings, locations and gifts to consider, the financial implications of any unfortunate event can be dramatic. If you’re a numbers person like I am, knowing that the investment you are making on your wedding day is protected (no matter what!) can provide great peace of mind in a time that is often very busy and stressful.

Venue Add-on Policy

There are several different options when it comes to insurance coverage for your wedding day. Some venues will require an application through their own insurer to protect their building and finishes. This is the option I went with for my wedding, and it was a very easy process that was included in our venue fees. Be sure to ask your venue about any requirements they may have, like not having lit candles and sparklers, or having a certain number of security personnel and licensed bartenders for your guests. This type of insurance usually covers anything that is the property of the venue, which can include tables, chairs, flooring or common areas, but does not usually cover any of your own property, like your dress, gifts or rentals brought into the space.

wedding insurance

Current Insurance Policy

For many homeowners or renters insurance policies, a rider can be added to cover any expenses that you might be liable for. Calling your current insurer and requesting a quote is a great place to start, as this option is usually fairly affordable and easy to obtain. This type of insurance could cover a personal accident onsite, or the value of any rentals, decor or gifts that you have brought into your venue.  A rider can also cover the use of the venue and its property, and some venues will require that you show a Certificate of Liability. If you are renting tables, chairs, serving ware, lighting or other expensive elements, you will want to check with your rental company to see if they require a certain amount of coverage while the rentals are in your possession. 

Separate Insurance Policy

It is also possible to obtain a separate policy with another insurance company entirely to cover your wedding and related events (i.e. a rehearsal dinner). You can also take out a policy to cover non-refundable costs should your wedding need to be cancelled or postponed. You can tailor this policy to cover exactly what you want to protect, including rentals, gifts or vehicles. Liability insurance can also protect you in the event that a staff member becomes injured, or guests receive food poisoning. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add your new sparkly ring to your insurance, as jewelry like an engagement ring usually requires a separate rider on your policy. Most policies will require a certificate of sale, or an independent value from a jeweler in order to set up this type of protection. Covering loss, theft or damage to your wedding rings, it is certainly worth taking the time to make sure your investments are protected for a lifetime wear!

wedding insurance advice nashville

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2 Travel Anywhere Eases Fears Of Anxious Honeymooners, Kayla & Caleb Head to Sandals Jamaica

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When planning their honeymoon, Kayla and Caleb wanted what most couples desire: a tropical location filled with romance, adventure and relaxation. But as two young folks who hadn’t traveled much without the guidance of their parents, they also wanted comfort in knowing they’d be fine traveling overseas alone.

That’s why they turned to the vacation planning services at 2 Travel Anywhere. Working with a travel agent calmed their fears through the meticulous planning process. 2 Travel Anywhere eased the couple away from their anxiety about travel and onto the tranquil, sandy beaches of Whitehouse, Jamaica at a Sandals resort.

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner


Kayla and Caleb Jones
Chattanooga, TN
Wedding Date: June 1, 2013 


Planning the honeymoon

Was the honeymoon a surprise, did one of you plan it or did you plan it together?

I (Kayla) planned it.

What was your vision for your honeymoon?

We wanted to go somewhere that was secluded and new to us both. We wanted to be able to relax as well as be a little adventurous! And of course romantic. :)

Did you always agree on your honeymoon vision and if not, who wanted what?  How did you come to an agreement?

We agreed on our vision.

How did you choose/plan your honeymoon location, activities?

When I first contacted Carlie, I gave her a few options of places my husband and I wanted to go. We wanted go somewhere tropical. She also asked us what we wanted to do and what our budget was. She then gave us a detailed list of several places with activities and I chose from there. The lists were extremely helpful because she gave us options I would have never thought of.

How did you learn about 2 Travel anywhere?

A high school friend of mine, Kelly Dellinger, is a wedding planner (Kelly Dellinger Events) in Nashville and I asked her for help. She referred me to 2 Travel Anywhere! Carlie also planned Kelly's honeymoon.

Did you consider planning your honeymoon without a travel service?  Why did you choose to work with Carlie?  

I chose I work with Carlie because she was highly recommended and FREE! And now I refer all my friends to her! She's fabulous!! I have never worked with a travel service before and now I can't wait to use Carlie again to plan future anniversary trips!


honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner


The honeymoon

What were your honeymoon dates?

June 2- June 8

Where did you go? 

Sandals resort in Whitehouse, Jamaica!

What were some of your activities?

We relaxed, did water sports, sand volleyball, giant chess and ate entirely too much. We also enjoyed nightly entertainment on the resort. Carlie gave us a list of activities to do while we were there that were off of the resort, but once we got there we didn't want to leave!

What was the best part about your honeymoon?

Honestly, the best part was getting to be with each other without any distractions of our day-to-day life. This resort allowed us to enjoy ourselves while being treated like royalty. We got to be somewhere beautiful, new, and secluded to start our journey together as husband and wife.

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner



Would you recommend this island, city, location?  Why?

Yes! Jamaica is beautiful! And especially this part of Jamaica- it was very secluded and that's what we wanted! The people were great, too.

Would you recommend this resort? Why?

Yes! Everything was fantastic: the rooms, restaurants, pools, beach and especially the service. We were treated like royalty.

Also, Carlie helped plan where to stay the night of our wedding (before we went to Jamaica) at the Music City Sheraton. I had no clue where to stay. It was perfect and even had a shuttle that took us to the airport! I also was very nervous about flying for the first time with my husband and I in charge (without parents!). It helped tremendously that she sent us our itineraries and tickets well before our trip. She made it extremely easy so I didn't have to be nervous about it. It was also very helpful that she and her husband went to the exact same resort a week or two before we went. She was able to give me advice and a heads up about life on the resort. She also called the resort while we were there to assure we were having the time of our lives. She rocks!

honeymoon travel planner nashville tn, 2 travel anywhere, sandals planner

For more information, visit 2 Travel Anywhere.

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Social Bliss Events Plans Nashville Bachelorette Parties at VIP Spots with Curated Experiences

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life can get very busy, especially when it comes to wedding events and all of the time that goes into planning such memorable, once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Thankfully, we have a new planning service in Nashville that specializes in the event that takes the most time to plan (other than the wedding of course!)…The Bachelorette Party!

Social Bliss Events (SBE) promises to give each bride an unforgettable weekend that features only the trendiest hotspots in our fair city; from that hard to get reservation at the best local restaurants, to a VIP experience at some of Nashville’s most popular sites, Social Bliss Events takes care of it all.

bachelorette party planners nashville tennessee

Staff of Social Bliss Events

bachelorette party planners nashville tennessee

All featured SBE Bachelorette Party photos are from Facebook


We interview Sarah Patton, founder of Social Bliss Events:


Why did you decide to start Social Bliss Events?

SBE was started when I realized there was an absolute NEED for bachelorette curation. With over five years of experience in the event planning industry, this was not solely a money making venture but rather a way for me to express my creativity and provide knowledge about the city I call home. I’m a girl. I know what girls want for their “last fling before the ring”, and I can tell you exactly where to find all of the fun-filled activities.

What does this service entail?

Social Bliss Events is a full-service bachelorette planning company. We offer our clients the weekend of a lifetime. We are far from your normal cookie-cutter, pick your pre-designated package type of company. Everything is completely customized!

We coordinate the entire weekend so the bachelorette party can relax, hang with their friends and enjoy everything Nashville has to offer.

We start with a bridal profile to find out more about the bride-to-be, her likes and dislikes. Then we filter her interests and build out recommendations based on budget and time.

We offer 3 packages that range in price and experience.

1. DIY Bachelorette
2. Worry-free Bachelorette
3. Blissful Bachelorette

bachelorette party planners nashville tennessee

bachelorette party planners nashville tennessee



Who would benefit from this service?

Anyone involved with planning a bachelorette party. Our bachelorette knowledge is perfect for out-of-towners who have never visited Nashville or have only been here a few times. You tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll make it happen. We know all the fun spots! However, those who live in Nashville utilize our knowledge and connections as well. Many girls wait until the last minute to make dinner reservations or can’t find anything to do on Saturday night because everything is booked. We have developed great relationships with local establishments, and have had to call in last minute favors a time or two. We have connections that many find priceless. 

Anything else you'd like the readers to know?

I’m slightly obsessed with Nashville, and our desire is to showcase the ENTIRE city. Most people come to Nashville to visit Broadway and the honky-tonks, but this city has so much more to offer. With over 10 years of Nashville-living, our team knows the city inside and out. We know the swankiest hotels, menus that will make your taste buds salivate, the nighttime hot spots, and we’re full of ideas to make your weekend one you can’t stop talking about. Did we mention that we ALWAYS inform our clients of what’s happening around town during their stay? We give them the option to incorporate Nashville the same way the locals do.

SBE takes PRIDE in what we do. We test out each restaurant, venue, hotel, etc. before sending our clients there. If we wouldn’t frequent the establishment, then we wouldn’t dare send you. All of our Nashville recommendations have been tested and SBE-APPROVED!

No two bachelorette parties are the same! It’s 2014. Bachelorette parties have moved from a one-night shindig to weekend extravaganzas. Your time spent with your closest girlfriends should be memorable. The MOH shouldn’t be worrying about how to get from point A to point B, what restaurant will take reservations AND split the bill, or have to sacrifice packing cute outfits because she needs to transport decorations.

At Social Bliss Events, we completely remove the stress for all parties involved. Whether you’re the MOH and overwhelmed with planning an unforgettable party for your bestie or the bride-to-be who swears she wants nothing to do with coordinating outfits, we step in and assist with ALL aspects of the bachelorette weekend. You can choose the hands-off approach and let us plan every detail, or you have the option of picking our brain for tips and suggestions.

bachelorette party planners nashville tennessee


Bachelorette Party Tips from Social Bliss Events:

1. Make it about the bride-to-be! Even if she wants to go bowling dressed in 80’s attire (while it may not be YOUR idea of fun) this is HER weekend!

2. Take charge! Have you ever tried to get 10 girls flying in from all across the United Sates to give you their itinerary? If not, you’re in for a treat! It’s a process to make sure everyone knows what is going on and how much each activity will cost. However, someone (most likely the MOH) has to step up to the plate and organize the weekend. If this sounds daunting, contact us! :) 

3. Plan in advance! The earlier you book reservations, the better! We recommend booking hotels a couple months in advance, shortly followed by dining reservations and extracurricular activities (pole dancing, photographers, t-shirts, koozies, etc.). The sooner you get everything ordered and finalized, the better! Don’t wait until the last minute and have to call us to bail you out! Of course, we’ll help you out because we want everyone to experience an AMAZING time in Nashville -- but avoid raising your blood pressure!


Three easy ways to connect with Social Bliss Events:

Website: Social Bliss Events online
Phone: (615) 236-6407

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Part 2: Heather & Michael Throw Nashville Bash With Honky Tonks, Dancing & Cookie Bar

Friday, August 22, 2014

We’re elated to feature the wedding of our very own blogger, Heather.   Heather’s big day in Nashville focused on music, dancing and family-style food.  This Nashville wedding was packed full of entertainment for the couple's family and friends.

To see their Hawaii Pre-Wedding Beach Photo Shoot in Part 1, click here.  To see all of the details from Heather and Michael’s wedding, and to hear about their planning process, keep reading!

downtown nashville wedding


Heather & Michael 
Wedding Date: May 31st, 2013
Ceremony Venue: Fellowship Bible Church
Reception Venue: aVenue
Guests: 150

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding


What was your favorite part of planning your Nashville wedding?

I really enjoyed weaving elements that were both fun and meaningful to my husband and I:

  • Taking photos with our wedding party at Legends on Broadway. The very first night I met my husband we went to Legends with a group of friends and he whisked me around the dance floor all night. I knew I wanted to marry him that very night on that very dance floor, so it obviously holds quite the special place in our hearts!
  • A seated, family-style meal. I grew up in a big Italian family and some of my fondest memories were sitting around the table sharing delicious food. I wanted to let my guests in on that tradition while allowing them to really get to know each other – no better way to do that than sharing food! We received SO many compliments on this unique serving style.
  • Distinctive desserts. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we treated our guests to an interactive s’mores station, which is one of our favorite desserts, and a “ Pittsburgh Cookie Table” which is a popular wedding tradition in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Pizza, Pizza. My husband is a pizza FANATIC, so I knew pizza had to be included somewhere on our big day. I surprised him by having his favorite pizza delivered after we cut our cake, so we were able to feed each other that as well. It definitely made for some funny photos!


downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

 downtown nashville wedding

What challenges did you run into while planning your wedding?

Honestly? Other people’s opinions. My biggest advice to brides is to decide from the beginning what is most important to you and your fiancé and stay true to that. Once we realized this, the process became a much more pleasant one and we actually started to enjoy it.

Why did you ultimately choose to get married in Nashville?

Initially, we wanted to have a destination wedding but after many visits to many out of town venues we decided that Nashville, the city that we met and fell in love in, was the way to go. I am SO thankful that we did this because we made so many amazing memories on our wedding day that we can relive again and again by just making a ten-minute trip downtown!

What was your most memorable moment at your wedding?

Other than my husband becoming my husband (!), it was a pretty cloudy/rainy day and our ceremony was outdoors. (Hello, bride’s worst nightmare.) Thankfully the rain held off, allowing us to keep our ceremony outside, but the clouds were not budging. As my dad and I were walking down the aisle to “Here Comes The Sun,” he looked up and noticed, for the first time all day…the sun! My dad said something very special in that moment that I will never forget and thankfully our photographer captured that exact moment. It is something that I will always hold close to my heart.

Did you have any secret/sentimental details that you included, that might not be that obvious to someone who doesn't know you well?

My dad surprised me a few months before the wedding with an extremely sentimental item. He had saved his blue hospital shirt from the day that I was born, planning all these years for this to be my “something blue.” I was absolutely floored and unbelievably touched. I promptly had the pocket of the shirt embroidered onto the inside of my gown.

Where did you splurge?  Where did you save/DIY?

I would say that we splurged on the delicious catering, amazing live band, and unique lighting/decor elements but all of those were a MUST for us so it didn’t necessarily feel like a splurge. I am definitely not a talented DIY’er but luckily I have very talented friends (and groom!) who helped make the table runners that adorned each and every table, menu cards, and my favorite: the sparkly “Yay!” signs that our wedding party carried when they entered the reception!

Is there anything that you wish you had done differently in your planning process?

I would have made big decisions a little sooner. We were engaged for a year and a half, which allowed me to change my mind way to many times. Get those big decisions (venue, caterer, band, dress, ect…) out of the way in the beginning! I promise, the stress level will be much lower once these details are finalized.

What made you want to continue to help Nashville brides by writing for ABG?

I never thought I’d be “that girl” that adored weddings even after I was married. Well, you know what? I love them even more now! It is literally the most memorable and special day of your life and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to be a small part of the process for Nashville brides.

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

nashville bride groom

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding

downtown nashville wedding


Wedding Team

Venue, Planner & Rentals | Sarah-Ann Miller @ aVenue
Photographer | CMP Photography
Gown & Accessories | Arzelle’s
Men’s Attire | Jos A Bank
Bridesmaids’ Attire | Donna Morgan
Hair & Makeup | Taylor Roark
Stationery | Minted & Sarah Ann Miller
Caterer | Chef’s Market
Cake Artist | Puffy Muffin
Floral Designer | Sarah Ann Miller/Import Flowers
Reception Musicians | The Downtown Band
Lighting | Bright Event Productions
Transportation | Metro Livery


downtown nashville wedding

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