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Jackie + Omar’s Progressive Nashville Wedding Weekend at Ocean Way Studios, Sambuca and More

Friday, August 26, 2016

When choosing a venue for your wedding day in Nashville, the options are endless! From beautiful barns to historical churches to downtown rooftops, Nashville has quite the variety of places to say "I do". And in Jackie + Omar's case, they chose many! Showcasing some of the best venues Nashville has to offer, Jackie and Omar decided to make a weekend out of it and host multiple parties throughout the weekend. They kicked it off with a welcome dinner, said their vows during their ceremony at Ocean Way Studios, said cheers and celebrated at a Sambuca reception, and rode the mechanical bull during an after party at Tequila Cowboy. And let's not forget the farewell brunch for guests and the newlyweds! Jackie's event planning background (she's a professional at Destination Nashville) helped immensely with every little detail that went into the wedding. Here's what Veronica of Vecroluce Photography had to say about the special day... 

photo Oceanway Wedding Portraits_zps7kv6b5u8.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_4_low_zpszsmqfcgd.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_103_low_zpsx9wapngi.jpg

photo Omni Hotel First Look_zpsjqcs6plz.jpg

Jackie Marko + Omar Arguello


First Look | Omni Hotel

Ceremony | Oceanway Studios

Reception | Sambuca

Photographer | Vecroluce Photography

Florals | Branching Out Florist

Band | Gary Jenkins and the Thundering Hearts

Cake | Dulce Desserts

Ice Cream | Jeni's Ice Creams

Photo Booth | Go West Creative

Draping + Decor | Visual Elements

Live Painting | Paint Your Event

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_11_low_zpsxapozmjw.jpg

photo Oceanway Studios Ceremony_zps6uisvntb.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_96_low_zpstmdianxv.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_100_low_zpsikjgoyh3.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_31_low_zpsigahzkqn.jpg

From the photographer: I met Jackie the summer of 2013 during a trip for the ILEA (The International Live Events Association) annual convention in the Bahamas. I had just become familiar with the organization and the President of my chapter suggested I go to the convention to meet other members from all over the world. Although I was new to the organization, I decided to go and take my second shooter, Jaime, along with me to network. We had an absolute blast meeting other event professionals from all over the world. Jackie was one of them. She had just moved to Nashville to work for her aunt's destination management/corporate event company and was excited because her boyfriend, Omar, would soon be moving there after living long distance for a year. She said that when she got married, she would love for me to photograph her wedding as she had become a fan of my work. Last summer Omar popped the question and Jackie called me immediately to see if I was available. I was so happy for her and couldn't believe I was actually going to Nashville to shoot her wedding.

 photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_14_low_zpspa7jsl3o.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_9_low_zps0gcwoo2j.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_8_low_zpsxn75hyjb.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_85_low_zpsaza2xihz.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY0738_low_zpsvwcrccza.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_j20_low_zpstcybyzpl.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_91_low_zps28bhxszc.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_83_low_zpsnsk82jhs.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_j16_low_zpskv74758u.jpg

From the photographer: She said she was getting married in a recording studio (how cool is that?) and her reception would be a cocktail reception at a chic restaurant in town. As an event planner, I knew she had some amazing things planned and I couldn't wait to see what she would put together for herself. She did an amazing job hosting a welcome dinner the night before, a beautiful wedding complete with after party at The Tequila Cowboy and mechanical bull riding and a farewell brunch. Jaime and I worked hard to scout out locations for photos and find places that would be different yet still represent Nashville and their modern wedding.

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_j15_low_zpssui9ghca.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_25_low_zpsx24cldvk.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_20_low_zpskftzxbib.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_99_low_zpswuugcnel.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_152_low_zpseylyjlb2.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_88_low_zps0troxr45.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_79_low_zpskwcutpxr.jpg

photo Tequila Cowboy After Wedding_zpsy31m9kqs.jpg

photo Marko_Arguello_VeroLuce_Photography_47_low_zpsoxgdvm9q.jpg

Thanks to VeroLuce Photography for sharing the images from this fun-filled wedding! 

All photos by VeroLuce Photography.

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Meet Fanciful Ink: Custom Wedding Stationery for Your Nashville Wedding

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Unique and personalized weddings are so in (and always should be!)... And one of the best ways to personalize your wedding is through your wedding invitations. It's really the first taste your guests get of what your wedding will be like. Getting the look and feel for your wedding day in one wedding invitation suite can be an overwhelming task, but Laurie with Fanciful Ink can help you design the perfect invitations! Her illustration and creativity knows no bounds - and you're wedding invitations will scream you! Here's more from Laurie...

Tell us about your company.

Laurie: Fanciful Ink offers completely custom wedding stationery, placing pride and emphasis on creating something to fit a couple rather than the couple selecting something pre-designed that may not reflect the overall look of their special day. Color, details and typeface are all carefully thought out for each couple. I want them to walk away knowing a special piece of artwork was made just for them!

How long have you been in business?

Laurie: Fanciful Ink has been in business for about 5 years now! I have been doing graphic design for 8 years, though I should probably say longer since I have always played at it before getting a degree!


How did you get started in weddings?

Laurie: My college best friend got engaged in our last semester and asked me to design her Save the Dates and wedding invitation suite. Something sparked when I created her design and as more friends got married, I realized that creating wedding invitations was something I really enjoyed doing. If I had not started out designing for friends, I don't know that I would have ever thought to do it.

What's the philosophy behind your company?

Laurie: After starting out designing for couples I knew and loved, I realized that I wanted to approach my clients with the same amount of care and love. A wedding day and all of the moments leading up to it are precious, though many instances can be stressful. I want to provide a relaxing space for couples to know that they are taken care of and are special to me and my business. I love making new connections with them and forming relationships. My husband and I actually ran into a couple at a restaurant recently whose invitation suite I designed. We had dinner with them and thoroughly enjoyed it!

So many couples spend hours and money on each detail of their wedding and that very first detail that the guests will see is their wedding invitation or their Save the Date. It sets the tone of the wedding and shows guests what to expect. I want guests to immediately know if your wedding is formal at an elegant mansion or a rustic backyard casual ceremony just by pulling that invitation out of the envelope.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Laurie: I love illustrated elements! I like to encourage couples to think about little details to tie everything together. If they are using a particular flower, I will draw that out and incorporate it throughout the design. Since barn weddings are so popular, I love to draw out the barn where the wedding will be. I have even included a sketch of a couple's dog into their RSVP card! I incorporated the stained glass ceiling design of Union Station for my own wedding invitations. Getting couples to think outside of the box as far as what they can pull into the design of their stationery is fun and allows them to realize that the sky is the limit and they really can have a design that fits them perfectly.

What attracts brides to your business?

Laurie: More and more couples are getting away from quick-print online services. While many of those designs are beautiful, couples are more interested in paper quality and texture as well as the design. Custom illustrations are a big attraction as well. I may not be able to draw everything, but I will do my best to bring a vision to life!

I also offer a wide selection of different ways to display your invitation and all the pieces that go along with it within little "folders" with pockets to hold everything together. There are so many colors to choose from and options like laser cuts or invitation mat layering to really make everything look amazing. 

Describe the bride who is most attracted to your company.

Laurie: The bride who is most attracted to Fanciful Ink is usually the bride who knows her details, keeps a wedding notebook full to the brim, has had her wedding colors picked out since she was 11 and wants her wedding to be unique to her! A lot of brides are in a season of life where they are attending weddings a lot and they don't want to feel like their wedding looks like someone else's. This bride knows the importance of etiquette and the beauty of an elegant invitation suite.

What is the most “now” / innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate? (Think trends, major changes, etc.)

Laurie: Hand - drawn botanical elements are at the top of the charts right now. Lately I have been drawing so many flowers and vines and creating elegantly earthy pieces, which is so refreshing!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your company?

Laurie: I am a part of Nashville Event Collective along with some other wedding industry professionals. It is a creative collective meeting space that we share in East Nashville. I have had so much fun growing and learning from these inspiring people! If you are ever in the area, stop and grab some Jeni's ice cream or a latte at Ugly Mugs then round the corner to see what I have displayed at NEC! If I am there please pop in and say hello!


Thank you so much for sharing your story, Laurie!

You can check out Fanciful Ink on Instagram or Facebook. You can find more of Laurie's designs and portfolio on the Fanciful Ink website here

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Shanna + Zachary’s Downtown Music City Engagement Session by Jon Riendl Photography

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fighting the crowds on any given night in downtown Nashville is an experience in itself. But doing it on a Friday night for your engagement photo session, is quite the feat! And that's exactly what Shanna + Zachary did with their photographer Jon Riendl Photography. Capturing the shots from the pedestrian bridge, to Broadway, the couple was not afraid to show their affection for the city and for each other! Since Zachary himself is a musician, the focus on Music City was a must! Check out their fun and flirty downtown Nashville engagement session:

Shanna Bas + Zachary Ballard
Proposal Date | December 25, 2015
Wedding Date | April 8, 2017

How did you get engaged?  Tell us about your proposal:

Shanna: Zachary proposed to me on Christmas morning. We had spent Christmas Eve night over at his parents' house in the bedroom that Zachary grew up in. We were still in our Christmas PJs, getting ready to go open gifts with his family. Before we went downstairs, Zachary said he wanted to give me something privately. He got down on one knee & popped the question! It was a sweet, private moment & we were then able to spend the rest of Christmas Day & the week ahead celebrating together & with family.

How many guests are you expecting?

Shanna: Approximately 150... have not finalized the guest list yet!

Who have you hired for your wedding team so far?

Shanna: - Jon Reindl Photography, a friend/bridesmaid of Shanna's is baking the cake (Chelsea Mason), A friend of Shanna's is doing the girls' makeup (Jessica Reutzel, Mary Kay), A friend of Zachary's is DJing (Todd Hackett). That's about it so far! We are having lots of help from friends & family. Still working on the caterer & some other details.

What’s your wedding style?

Shanna: Vintage, simple, romantic

What’s your most fun purchase/hire to date?

Shanna: The dress was of course a lot of fun to pick out! (USA Bridal). All the decor has also been a lot of fun to pick out as well. There will be a lot of DIY! We have lots of creative people in the family.

What aspect of being engaged has surprised you the most?

Shanna: We have been totally, 100% comfortable with each other. I, personally, don't feel the same insecurities as I did when we were just dating... I feel more at ease & like I can totally be myself without judgement.

What have you most enjoyed about being engaged?

Shanna: Getting to know each other on a deeper level & having that total commitment & relationship security. There's nothing better than planning for the future with your partner & knowing that they want the same things as you.

Tell us about your engagement session.  Where did it take place?

Shanna: Our engagement session was done by Jon Reindl Photography. We took photos all around downtown Nashville, TN.  We started at the riverfront park by the Cumberland River & got some fun, casual shots. Then we changed outfits into a more "going out" style & walked around the streets downtown among all the people. It was a busy Friday evening so it was kind of funny stopping to pose in front of everyone. Someone even yelled out to us "Get a room!" We ended the session on the Pedestrian Bridge at sunset, overlooking the Nashville skyline. We had a blast.

What’s the significance of the location(s)?

Shanna: Nashville is Music City. Zachary is a professional musician (drummer of the Jasmine Cain band). We just thought it'd be fun to utilize the lights & styles of the Music City. There were also tons of great options to use, from the waterfront park to the bridge to the great architecture to the street signs. Not to mention we met in Nashville as well.

What was it like working with your photographer?

Shanna: Jon Reindl was very professional & creative! He took the time to really get to know us & he got tons of shots. We were excited to hire him to cover the wedding as well.

What did you like most about the session?

Shanna: I loved that we could be ourselves. Jon gave us some tips & tricks as far as posing but totally allowed our personalities to shine. We laughed through a lot of it & those were some of our best shots!

Would you recommend the photographer and why?

Shanna: I would absolutely recommend Jon Reindl. He gave us lots of options & we just really enjoyed working together. We can't wait to see the how the wedding photos turn out!

Thank you Jon, Shanna + Zachary for giving us a glimpse into this engagement session! 

You can check out more of Jon's work on Amy + Josh's Cheekwood engagement session!

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Summer Olympics Wedding Inspiration: A Twist on Grecian Culture

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Summer Olympics are in full swing! And although I'm not that into sports, the Olympics are my jam. It's crazy to see how each athlete gets a few minutes to perform their best after 4 years of training... the excitement is so overwhelming! So I've been inspired to put together an Olympics wedding inspiration post for you today. But there's a twist - I'm taking it back to where it all began... in Ancient Greece! From gold to olive leaves to the simply elegant gown draping, I'm bringing you the gold metal best in Greecian-inspired weddings!

1) Go for the gold with bold leaf wedding shoes! Playful shoes underneath your long draped gown is always a first place win in my book. Olive leaves draped along the bride and groom's chairs symbolizing togetherness and peace is a great way to add an Olympic touch to your wedding. Top your chiavari chairs off with ivory draping to capture the Greek Goddess inspiration.

Photos by Aaron and Jillian Photography

2) Accents of gold and ivory are sure to bring out the Mediterranean theme! A gold leaf embellishment outlining your initials on your wedding cake alongside braided accents are victories in this Greecian look.

Photo by Xanny Bakes

3) Watercolor olive branch table numbers sitting atop a wine cork brings the Greek to your guest tables. Natural elements with leaves and soft draped linen are key!

Photo by Noony Art

4) A bronze filligree hairpiece with soft and loose tucked hair is a must. And we're LOVING the idea of having your flower girl sprinkle olive leaves along the aisle instead of rose petals!

Photos by Amy Fanton Photography + Hello Moment

5) Ruched and draped bridesmaid dresses in cool Santorini blues are perfect to keep the Olympic spirit! Simple Greek words and phrases spelled out on each place setting or on your menu cards are fun ways to give your guests a conversation piece during your wedding.

Photo by Jessie Holloway Photography

Loving our take on the Greek Olympic wedding? Then you'll definitley want to take a look at this Nashville-based Greek-inspired photo shoot at Bloomsbury Farm! 

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Here Come the Brides Bridal Show - September 25th in Cool Springs

Monday, August 22, 2016

Brides - if you're looking to add more wedding professionals to your #weddingteam, then attending the Here Come the Brides Bridal Show at the end of September is the answer! With dozens of Nashville area wedding professionals, Here Come the Brides will give you an opportunity to have face to face interviews with Nashville's best. From cake tastings to fashion shows, Here Come the Brides prides themselves on being the fun show in town. With audience participation in Bride Wars games, free weekender totes for the first 100 brides and over $20,000 in giveaways, you won't want to miss it!


Here Come The Brides

Embassy Suites Cool Springs

Sunday, September 26th



Make sure you register for the show here! And follow them on Facebook for the latest scoop!

Be sure to check out our Events tab for more upcoming bridal shows, open houses and more!

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